Local reactions: allergic reactions (moderate to marked) – tingling, redness, burning, swelling at the place of preparation, photosensitization; desquamation and dryness of the skin, hypopigmentation of the skin, blistering or crust; rarely – hyperpigmentation of the skin.

In case of overdose you can be observed instances of redness, peeling, or discomfort. An overdose does not lead to the achievement of the best results.

Renova Cream Special instructions

  • When an external application during the treatment should protect the treated areas of the skin from exposure to sunlight or artificial UV radiation, wind, cold, patients having a tan, treatment should be started after the weakening of the sun.
  • When an external application should avoid contact with your eyes, your mouth and on the mucous membranes (in this case should be immediately washed with water).

Use of the drug may cause a feeling of heat or burning sensation. If necessary, treatment can be discontinued or suspended. For the most sensitive skin can be assigned to an application through the day. Squeeze a small amount of the drug (about 1 cm) on the pad of the finger. This amount should be sufficient for all the areas of the face. With time you will be able to accurately calculate the required number. Apply a preparation in a thin layer on all of the affected areas of the face. You should start from the forehead, chin and neck. Then move on to other damaged areas. Gently RUB the cream into the skin. The drug should immediately become invisible or small. If traces of the drug visible on the face (or exfoliate after drying) it is necessary to reduce the dose. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage of the doctor. An excessive amount of the product causes irritation of the skin and does not lead to better or more rapid results. Avoid drugs in the zone of the wings of the nose, around the eyes, mouth and open wounds.

Thanks to the cream skin care becomes simple and easy!