Renova is a cream with a Tretinoin. This drug was developed on the basis of vitamin A, which for decades has been used successfully for treatment of pimples and acne. After that, the researchers found that vitamin A has a positive effect on pigment spots, solar burns, precancerous growths; this vitamin was widely used not only in treatment, but also for cosmetic purposes.

Thanks to Renova Cream skin care reached a new level!

Renova Cream Application:

  • - comedones, acne, acne vulgaris (including with the formation of pustules, comedones, papules, drain acne), follicular keratosis, flat warts, seborrheic cysts, senile wrinkles, scars, horn-rimmed deposits of the skin, the effects of sunburn, skin cancer (eliminates early precancerous changes of the skin ),senile pigmentation of the skin, the treatment and the reduction of stretch marks treatment of hair loss skin.

Renova Cream Method of application
Local: the washed and dried the surface of the affected area of skin evenly mark thin layer (cream is applied finger) 1-2 times in day for six hours, then wash off with water. For people with light and dry skin exposure time of the preparation to the beginning of treatment is thirty  minutes, and then it can be gradually increased. In the course of treatment is allowed gently removed completely softened pustules and comedones. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks (up to 14 weeks). In the preventive purposes – 1-3 times in week for a long time (after processing of warm water). Treatment of flat warts should start with the weak concentrations Tretinoin, in absence of clinical effect increases as concentration of the drug, and frequency of its application (in case of absence of phenomena irritation of the skin).

Renova is a medication with the added moisturizer for the skin. For the first time, of treatment, the skin may appear redness, irritation, and in some arises dryness of the skin, however, all of these side effects are only temporary and will soon pass. The drug Renova should be used in moderation and apply only to wet skin. When using this product the skin of a person becomes a much more sensitive, so you should also use a cream from sunburn 15-th degree of protection.

Renova Cream Contraindications
Hypersensitivity, for local application – acute inflammatory (including eczematous) lesions of the skin (dermatitis, seborrhea, etc.), rosacea, wounds, burns, skin photosensitization, diseases of the rectum.
If you accept such procedures, as micro-cleaning dermis, cleaning the skin with the help of glucose acid, hair removal with laser or wax, then you should be on time to abandon the use of Renova Cream.

Research on the effects of Tretinoin in pregnant women were not conducted. The use of Tretinoin pregnant women can take place only, if the consequences of the application justifies the potential risk to the fetus.

There is no data about the contact Tretinoin in the mother’s milk. Nursing mothers should observe safety precautions when using Tretinoin.