Local reactions: allergic reactions (moderate to marked) – tingling, redness, burning, swelling at the place of preparation, photosensitization; desquamation and dryness of the skin, hypopigmentation of the skin, blistering or crust; rarely – hyperpigmentation of the skin.

In case of overdose you can be observed instances of redness, peeling, or discomfort. An overdose does not lead to the achievement of the best results. Continue reading

Renova is a cream with a Tretinoin. This drug was developed on the basis of vitamin A, which for decades has been used successfully for treatment of pimples and acne. After that, the researchers found that vitamin A has a positive effect on pigment spots, solar burns, precancerous growths; this vitamin was widely used not only in treatment, but also for cosmetic purposes.

Thanks to Renova Cream skin care reached a new level! Continue reading