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Renova Cream

Often the various acne on the skin can significantly complicate the life of man, forcing him to recruit about their appearance. Especially suffer from acne people of a young age, wishing all the possible ways to get rid of this scourge.

At the present time all the problems with vulgaris and drain eels are solved simply – the use of cream renova cream, which is also used for acne treatment, accompanied by the appearance of pustules, papules and comedones and for treatment of hyperpigmentation and diseases Favre-Racouchot (nodular skin elastosis with comedones).

Buy Renova, which is a modern local anti-inflammatory, comedonolitic, antiseborrheic, keratolytic and antitumor agent, possessing a high efficiency. Renova cream inhibit proliferation promyelocytes, induces phenomenon differentiation, intensifies the formation of elementary promyelocytes of leukemicus clone that allows achieving remission in the course of therapy acne (substitution in the peripheral blood and bone marrow of the clones on the normal hematopoietic progenitor cells).

Buy Renova, the use of which for the treatment of acne of the open type is observed fast their destruction and the alignment of the skin surface, when the skin is not the slightest symptoms of the inflammatory process. In the therapy of Renova closed acne is celebrated their transition into papules (or the opening of blackheads), which then heal without the processes of scarring. And, as has been shown in clinical studies, Renova effectively prevents the formation of new acne.

Use Renova locally simple enough. On the affected area of the skin, well-washed and pre-and dried, is applied evenly with a thin layer of cream, which is left on the skin for six hours. Then wash off the cream. Such a procedure can be carried out twice a day, although usually to achieve the desired effect is sufficient to use renova cream only once a day that has been proven in a series of clinical studies. On average, a course of therapy renova cream lasts from 28 to 42 days, and in particularly severe cases – up to 3 months.

Buy Renova, which could be applied in order to prevent, causing it once or twice a week on the skin.

Pay attention to the fact that patients with dry and pale skin should first keep the cream on the skin is not more than half an hour, gradually increasing the exposure time in order to avoid unintended adverse effects. To similar side effects can be attributed a greater sweating, alopecia, swelling of the face, dermatitis, cheilitis, xerophthalmia, peeling of skin, itching of the skin. In rare cases it is also possible foci of the Hypo – or hyperpigmentation, which are a temporary phenomenon, passing on their own.

We should also mention that there are some contra-indications for the use of the cream Renova. To such considerations include diseases of rectum, skin burns, wounds, and eczematous inflammatory skin defects in the acute phase (seborrhea, dermatitis).

For local use Renova other contra-indications do not exist, as clinical trials have proved the safety of its use of the patients of the age groups above 12 and less than 50 years. In the application of Renova should be avoided location under artificial sources of radiation UV radiation and out into the sunlight, protect processed cream skin from exposure to the cold and wind. If the skin is tan, the treatment should start after its weakening.

Precautions: renova cream is easily ignited. During avoid the use of open flames and Smoking. Keep out of the reach of children. Store at the temperature up to 50 C. Do not heat. Tightly close the lid of the tube after use. Discontinue use if a strong stimuli. At the time of application renova cream exposure to sunlight or use a Solarium should be minimal. Patients with solar burns, it isn’t recommended to use this medication until the absolute recovery.

Patients who by the nature of occupations are on the sun or at which heightened sensitivity to sunlight is observed, should accept special precautionary measures. It is recommended to use sunscreen and clothing over the damaged areas of the skin. In the application of renova it is desirable to avoid the wind and cold. Avoid contact renova cream in your eyes, the mouth, the corners of the nose, mucous membranes.

The local application may cause local erythema and peeling. If the degree of local irritation persists, patients should rarely use, temporarily or entirely to discontinue use of the drug. Noted, that renova cream may be the cause of irritation to eczematous skin. Patients with the condition of the skin should be careful when using the cream.

Interaction with other drugs and medicines: Patients should exercise caution when using renova cream in combination with other products and preparations. Renova may be incompatible with some medications local use, common, medical and abrasive soap, detergent, cosmetics that have a strong drying effect, alcohol products, astringent means, spices and citrus fruit. You have to be especially cautious in using preparations containing sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid. After the application of the above drugs and products, you must give your skin the „rest”.

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